Meet our Cabinet!

Tyler Gomes | USG President

Tyler Gomes is currently the Executive Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Government. Majoring in Biology at the Division of Science, Tyler wishes to study medicine with a research focus on techniques for eyesight regeneration.

Tyler has consistently been dedicated and heavily involved in shifting the policy structure of the Math Department to better fit a comfortable learning environment. Recently, he has been working with Division of Science Dean Susan Perkins and Mathematics Chair Christian Wolf to allow all exams in Math courses to be retaken alongside dedicated recitation sessions. He also has been working jointly with the Career & Professional Development Institution and the Alumni Association to create an Alumni Panelist event that will provide new opportunities to the CCNY Community.

As USG President, Tyler will go even further beyond and work jointly with President Vincent Boudreau to replace aging technology in all CCNY classrooms to better facilitate our education. Additionally, Tyler will be focusing on passing through an infrastructure bill to ensure that our campus remains physically intact. Tyler Gomes is running for USG President as the leader of the Lionheart Slate to change our school for the better.

Asif Sattar | Executive Vice President

Asif Sattar is currently a Senator and Judicial Council member of the Undergraduate Student Government. Dual majoring in Political Science and International Studies at the Colin Powell School, Asif wishes to specialize in Constitutional Law while researching the association between the US Constitution and Social Justice.

Asif has often used his place as a student government representative to help guide students through the complex processes of CCNY; whether it be transferring into another school to which classes one should take, Asif is an individual who tries his best to help his peers in anyway he can. Much of the same mentality has held through within his tenure as a USG Senator, often pushing for initiatives to provide outreach for available academic, psychiatric and personal resources on campus.

Asif finds that if the Undergraduate Student Government is to make real change, it has to first be an efficient, transparent organization that all students feel comfortable approaching. Asif believes that in this regard, if the Undergraduate Student Government were to be a more proactive and communicative organization, the student body would have a better platform to voice their concerns. To him, as the by-laws implore the organization to benefit the collective student body, it is important for students to understand what the Undergraduate Student Government is doing for students, and how it will continue to help in the future. Asif also hopes to have a more assertive USG that is unyielding on fundamental student demands. He hopes to investigate and solve infrastructural improvement delays, perform outreach for the available resources and academic programs on campus, and revive student life and club activity.

Samantha Castro | Vice President of Public Affairs

Samantha Castro is currently the Speaker of the Senate of the Undergraduate Student Government. Majoring in Civil Engineering at the Grove School of Engineering, Samantha hopes to work for a civil engineering company alongside obtaining a professional licensure and a real estate license, looking into opening her own business for buying, remodeling and reselling houses in the future.

Having been in the Public Affairs committee in the past, Samantha has enough experience to know what qualities are necessary for the position; creative, honesty, hard work, and motivation. She has the aptitude to spearhead poster design and flyers for the Undergraduate Student Government, helping advertise new/recurrent events. Alongside her abilities, she also maintains experience as the Speaker of the Senate, giving her a better overview of the USG as a whole and what it means to be apart of such an organization. As the Vice President of Public Affairs, Samantha plans to be more transparent with the students and create a better relationship with the student body. She wishes to be more active on social media and to be present at freshmen and transfer orientations. Samantha also hopes to bring back the USG Monthly Newsletter to keep the student body updated and informed on the school year and the organization’s successful policies.

Samantha additionally has a plan to create the very first CCNY Club Council, where all clubs on campus would be welcome to have a voice. Being directly in-touch with all the clubs on campus will provide the communication necessary to have a more accessible, easy to understand student life experience. Samantha Castro’s drive pushes her to utilize this project in full effect, promising to use it to better the student body.

Tara Hernandez | Vice President of Student Affairs

Tara Hernandez currently majors in Environmental Earth Systems Science at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Tara hopes to study atmospheric research while also hoping to point her career towards active sustainability and tackling environmental racism.

Tara’s biggest passion is unifying the CCNY community. As a transfer student, she has first-hand experience on how intimidating a big campus can be and how a lack of information can affect one’s college experience. As Vice President of the CUNY Black Student Union & Publications chair for the Democratic Socialists of America, her substantial presence on campus helps make her a leader agent for student concerns. her main focus is getting students the bured resources available to them such as mental health services, tutoring, job search tools, etc. that will guarantee their success and well-being. In addition, Tara deems it crucial to fight for students with disabilities by pushing for additional outreach for disabled students to feel more comfortable utilizing the resources and department available for them. Tara wants all students to have the best experience they can at CCNY, with the knowledge of these services being a net positive to guide students through hardships and to provide support.

Eva Uceta | Vice President of Academic Affairs

Eva Uceta is currently a Senator of the Undergraduate Student Government. Majoring in Biology at the Division of Science, she wishes to specialize in orthopedic medicine with a research focus on genetic conditions that impact the joints.

Eva’s particular drive comes from helping those underrepresented or feel like their struggles are not being addressed. She understands what it feels like to not belong in an environment you are required to be in. She has worked hand-in-hand with the accessibility department to make CCNY’s campus more inclusive and accessible. She has also has worked with the science department to create the Peer Mentoring Program. Eva has also she has met with various deans to discuss issues pertaining to students’ academics, providing her to experience and connections necessary for the VP of Academic Affairs role. Last semester, she was extremely vocal about students’ COVID concerns and safety, and consequently formulated a COVID resolution to combat these issues. Now, as the VP of Academic Affairs, Eva would be the academic lawyer for students, determined to fight every challenge that wears away students’ academic, physical, and emotional well-being.

Lina Dong | Vice President of Campus Affairs

Lina Dong currently majors in Advertising and Public Relations in the Division of Humanities and the Arts. She hopes to use her learned skills to better campus life for the CCNY population.

Lina seeks to improve campus safety and to revamp our means of transport around the school (such as the North Academic Building’s escalators). She also wishes to address infrastructural decay across campus, attempting to figure out why so many problems have yet to be resolved. Currently as the Vice President of Crescent Moon Dance, CCNY’s one and only k-pop dance team, Lina is eager to advocate for not just her club, but all clubs, student organizations, and athletic teams. She wishes to plan fun and public events to allow new and current students to socialize and to facilitate. As the VP of Campus Affairs, Lina strives to make the Towers more hospitable, as well as strengthen and grow our community. 

Joselin Flores | Vice President of Finance

Joselin Flores is currently a Senator of the Undergraduate Student Government. Majoring in Environmental Engineering at the Grove School of Engineering, she hopes to use her skills in budgeting and negotiation to better student life overall.

Joselin advocates for an increase in the budget for clubs, with the VP of Finance being empowered to allocated for finances. She notes that student engagement and club activity has been at an all time low ever since the pandemic, and can be solved through budgeting reform and providing clubs more resources to attract new members. In her eyes, no member should have to turn down an opportunity to join a club due to financial difficulties, with clubs requiring support from the USG to help in this regard. Joselin also hopes to ensure that students from different departments will be able to voice their overall concerns, whether it’s related to their specific department an overall concern on campus grounds. As the VP of Finance, Joselin will be allocate more money towards scholarships & ensure that all clubs receive the budget and consideration that they deserve.